Comprehensive and Customizable Allergy Testing Options

There are several specific differences between the ImmunoCAP (CAP) and Modified RAST assays.

Although RAST testing has evolved into a generic term for in vitro blood testing, it is, by definition, a test that is performed using radioactive isotope. RAST stands for radioallergosorbent test.

The CAP test uses enzyme as its tag rather than isotope. CAP is an FEIA (fluorescent enzyme immunoassay. The RAST test uses a round, treated paper disk that has been impregnated with an allergen. The CAP uses a polymer sponge.

CAP is shorter turn-around test, RAST offers a more comprehensive list for testing. Both assays are FDA accepted and regulated in the same manner.

We can customize allergen testing panels in either RAST or CAP. For more information or a comprehensive testing list, contact us today.


July 23, 2013

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