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At American Clinical Laboratories, we understand the importance of a smooth transition of your laboratory services and its affect on quality patient care. Your dedicated account manager will walk you through step-by-step. Let us show you why we specialize in supporting nursing home clients.

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Specialized Nursing Home Laboratory Services


Since 1989, ACL has been supporting nursing homes, rehab and extended care facilities throughout the state. We understand the importance of detailed documentation and accountability when working with nursing teams, providers and patients. Our phlebotomists are experienced and dedicated and have worked with our lab and our nursing home clients year after year – most of our clients have had the same phlebotomist for the entire length of our supporting relationship. We have excellent relationships with our homes and share in their excitement over excellent surveys and quality patient care.


Our experience in supporting nursing homes, extended care facilities and rehabilitation centers has allowed us to structure testing operations to fit the specific needs of these groups. Our nursing homes are immediately placed in the front of the line as soon as the phlebotomist delivers your specimens that same morning. We report PT/INRS first each morning and Chemistry/Hemotology mid-day.


Dedicated Account Support

You will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will take care of all of your laboratory needs and escalations.  You will also have daily access to a laboratory coordinator for questions on results and turn-arounds. Courier services and department managers are also available for any assistance you may need.  At ACL, we pride ourselves on customized and personalized service. Our team is an extension of your team.


You will be assigned a designated phlebotomist to come to draw your patients at a time determined by you. Our phlebotomists are the best in the industry. Many of our phlebotomists have been supporting the same facility for over 10 years. You can expect the best in patient care and dedicated, consistent facility support.

In-Service Trainings

We are available for in-service training as requested and based on your group’s individual needs and organizational structure. Whether you are just getting started or if you need to train new nursing staff, we are available to provide training as you need it.

Standing Order Management

We have a proven method for helping facilities manage its standing orders. From the initial standing order submission to on-going grid management, we are known for keeping standing orders updated and organized. Our standing order groups monitors every detail from the initial submission and blood draw to grid maintenance and nursing staff communication. You will be given direct and contact information of your SO Coordinator.

STAT Services

At ACL, we offer STAT services outside of your routine blood draws. You call, and we will send a STAT courier to your facility. Our STAT testing results are generally available in 1-3 hours from pickup based on the time of day. STAT pickup and test run fees apply.

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American Clinical Laboratories is a proud Associate Member of the Georgia Health Care Association.